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Intro to: Trauma-Informed Brain-Sensitive Teacher Training

With so much increasing need for safe, informed, attuned, sensitive, adaptive, inclusive, and culturally competent care, yoga is being considered a vital resource in settings where such care is needed. Yoga programs are being provided in prisons, hospitals, schools, rehab centers, mental health triage centers, immigration centers, and domestic violence shelters.

While yoga provides a body-centered, brain-nurturing, stress-reducing experience, and develops the life skills tool kit our community members need to move from struggling with surviving to learning about thriving, HOW yoga is provided has a significant impact on its efficacy.

Trauma-informed, brain-sensitive yoga is responsive (not scripted), grounded, considerate, inclusive, adaptive, and relational. Trauma-informed care must include the interpersonal neurobiological potentials and sensitivities of all present, be culturally competent to the populations with which we are working while respecting our indwelling common humanity, and invite the wisdom of the body to be discovered as an already intelligent resource for empowerment, solace, courage, and trust.

In this day-long intensive for yoga teachers, Sarahjoy uniquely prepares teachers for HOW to deliver truly effective yoga.

Students will learn the:

  • neurological, physiological, and psycho-spiritual workings of yoga for the brain, body, mind, and heart.
  • trauma-informed principles.
  • mindfulness-tools for increasing levels of safety and self-awareness.
  • breathing practices to disarm over-active (rajasic) or to nourish under-active (tamasic) nervous systems.
  • essential relationship skills based on attachment theory and brain development.  
  • Voice prosody, pace, and purpose.
  • Language choices and strategies.
  • Personal and interpersonal resonance.
  • Compassionate responsiveness (not enmeshment)

Saturday Intensive $175