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Post Thanksgiving: Relax, Refresh & Restore

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Asana, Guided Meditation, Nutrition Tips & Bone-Broth Sampling

Join E3 Yoga Teacher, Life Coach —and poet — Bridget Keller on Saturday
November 25 at 10:30am for a two-hour mini-retreat, where we'll dive deep into
yogic waters with:

  • a cleansing asana practice that will focus on the digestive system,
  • a guided mediation to calm the nervous system (and emotional body), and
  • a nutrition info session (with tasting) on the benefits of the bone broth diet for deep cleansing and restoration.*

*Vegetarians/vegans encouraged to attend, and veg-safe options will also be offered.
Bridget has benefitted from bone-broth in her diet for several years, as evidenced by
her poem "Why Broth"

COST: $30


By Bridget Keller

There's a lot of time in bones, 
      and the broth they make. 

There's the time it takes to cook the broth:
      days, in fact. 

Which is nothing compared to the time it takes
      to make the bones: 
      the years of living the animal does, 
      and the years of the earth, 
      which precede the animal
      but contribute to its living.

It's that time I'm trying to get at
      when I make bone broth now. 

Ostensibly collagen, calcium, trace minerals,
      but really it's time
      for a menopausal body, creaky and dry, 
      that poorly lubricates itself. 

Once a week, in my kitchen
      (not far from Concord, as it happens)

I unabstract Thoreau's recipe for a life well-lived,
      and continue a distillation process
      that begins when sun shines on tiny leaves of grass.

Dedicating myself to broth in this way, 
      I am hoping to get at all the slow time it offers, 
      so I can feel well in my aging body. 

The menopause came as a surprise: one day, 
      I realized it had been a long time
      since I'd seen the high-contrast spot of blood
      in my underwear. 
So that's it? That's how it ends? 
With none of the excitement and celebration
      of menarche.

In our family, it was a fair exchange, 
      since my ability to procreate
      left me at the same time it arrived for my child. 

The baton passed: 
      it is his time now
      to go at life
      and see what will become
      of his particular presence in it. 

I feel the shift in my bones.

Slow down, they say, 
      now is the time for something else. 
It's time to journey to the slow center of life, 
      to collect and import all the moments you missed
      while you were so busy pushing against.

Slow down. 

Draw all the goodness from the marrow
      now that you can discern
      what to keep and what to throw back. 
Let the young be busy at youth; 
      they, who, just like you did, 
      abuse both bodies and time
      in vain efforts to capture a moment. 

Slow down. 

Use your wisdom, hard earned, 
      to live the moments
      that remain available to you, 
      for they are finite. 

Free of the hormonal imperative, 
      you are now sovereign of your life.
Give no mind
      to the fact that
      you are unpracticed at sovereignty:
      slow down.
Savor the moments, 
      and the savored moments will take care of you. 

You'll see. 

Trust your shifting idea of what matters, 
       and everything will be fine. 

You'll see. 


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