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Inversion Playground

Looking to add inversions into your practice?

Experienced yoga instructor, Tara Kilgallen will present the building blocks of several inversion poses using a variety of props including the wall, blocks, and the aerial hammock help to inform engagement and build proprioceptive awareness as you build your inversion practice.

Tara says, "Inversions won't lead you to Enlightenment, but they do have their place in yoga practice". Inversions help us build strength and core connection, challenge us physically, put us face to face with the fear or unease of being upside down, as well as can feel liberating and fun!

Even if you've never had success before with inversions, our Inversion Playground workshop takes a playful approach to learning more about getting upside down and offers a lot of support so that you leave feeling more confident on your journey to inversions.

Some yoga experience with a willingness to get upside down is recommend to take this workshop. No aerial experience required. *Requires a minimum of 6 participants

Cost: $35

Please note all workshop sales are final and cannot be refunded. Only early cancellations made before 48 hours of event can qualify for studio credit for future purchases.