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Inversion Playground


Looking to add inversions into your practice? It’s time to flip your perspective (haha, get it?) on conquering getting upside down.

Headstand, Forearm balance and other inverted postures aren’t something you can just force yourself into. In this workshop Katharine and Anna will “get you upside down with a little help from your friends”... props!

In this fun & playful inversion workshop you will use a variety of props including the wall, blocks and aerial silk to create awareness and engagement, build strength, and find proper alignment in inverted postures.

Some yoga experience with a willingness to get upside down is recommend to take this workshop. No aerial experience required.

Cost: $30

Please note workshops and special events have 48 hour cancellation policy. Workshops and events are non-returnable and can be only be refunded for credit if EARLY cancelled before 48 hours.