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Crystal Bowls Meditation with Vicky

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Our bodies are the perfect receptors for sound and crystal singing bowls are the ideal vibrational transmitters that lower the heart-rate, relax brain-wave patterns, reduce respiratory rates and resolve imbalances on every psychological & physiological level of human functioning.

Since we are primed to receive the sounds transmitted by the crystal bowls, they can inspire huge shifts in consciousness and evoke true transformation. Providing a simple and effective way to access the amazing benefits of meditation, by allowing the participant to arrive at a place of serenity just by listening to the beautiful tones.

Join Vicky Dennis on a sound healing journey, being lulled into a meditative state while experiencing the sacred sounds of crystal bowls. The session includes light and gentle movement at the start of class as well as light Reiki work on those who wish to have it.

Cost: $30

Please note that all sales are final. Only early cancellations made 48 hours before event are eligible for studio credit only. No refunds.

Later Event: July 19
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