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Crystal Bowl Meditation with Char


Join Char Willingham for a guided and nurturing Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation for clarity, revitalization, greater connectedness with your highest energetic potential and improved mental and physical well-being.

Our bodies are the perfect receptors for sound and crystal singing bowls are the ideal vibrational transmitters that lower the heart-rate, relax brain-wave patterns, reduce respiratory rates and resolve imbalances on every psychological & physiological level of human functioning.

Since we are primed to receive the sounds transmitted by the crystal bowls, they can inspire huge shifts in consciousness and evoke true transformation. Providing a simple and effective way to access the amazing benefits of meditation, by allowing the participant to arrive at a place of serenity just by listening to the beautiful tones.

The vibration of the bowls lulls the observer into a truly mindful state, which helps to cultivate inner peace, regardless of external circumstances.  A truly unique experience that allows participants to experience expansiveness and spaciousness that is not apart of the everyday ordinary.

*Please note we cannot refund workshop purchases. Only early cancellation made 48 hours prior to event can be credited back to your studio account for a future purchase.