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The Root Chakra: Settle the Seat of Your Soul


This is the first of seven sessions in Carrie Ganz' new course, Journey Through the Chakras.

In this session, participants explore the Root Chakra. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra provides us a sense of grounding and rootedness.

As in each of the 7 parts of Journey Through the Chakras, in this 2.25 hr workshop, you will gain an understanding of the chakra though immersive learning that includes lecture, yoga asana, breath work, meditation, self-study and of course, fun!

While each session build upon the previous, students are welcome to drop into individual sessions.

Full 7 Week Course: $265 (save $25 if booked by 9/3)
Drop In: $45

Workshops are non-refundable and non-returnable. If you early cancel (before 48 hours of event) you are eligible for an Elements3 Yoga credit that can be used for future purchases. Late Cancellations (within 48 hours) or No-Shows are not eligible for refunds and passes will be forfeited. 

Elements3 reserves right to cancel a scheduled workshop if a minimum of 4 people have not enrolled within 2 days before event. In the circumstance the studio voluntarily cancels workshop, student will receive a full refund.