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Bo Yoga

Bo Yoga® is a safe, adaptive, and gentle yoga class that blends the best of yoga, Qigong and meditation. With the use of a unique prop called a Balance Bar, this class makes mindful movement more accessible to students who are older, have injuries, surgeries or other challenges.

Elements3 Yoga welcomes founder of Bo Yoga® Nate Guadagni to lead this exciting and fun class. Balance Bars are a stable and flexible prop used to improve alignment, leverage, stability and balance to help you feel safe, supported and successful in your class. Beginners are welcome and Balance Bars will be provided.

This workshop will help you access many of the benefits of yoga such as increased energy, balance and mindfulness. If you enjoy our Taoist yoga classes, are looking to increase your balance, or curious about how this yoga prop can aid your practice, we invite you to join Nate for this special class.

More information and videos of Bo Yoga® can be found at