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AsanaRx: Sweet Feet

Sweet Feet.jpg

It all starts with your feet! A steady foundation not only sets the tone for your practice, but the health of your feet can impact your knees, hips and spine. Many of us, including yogis, suffer from issues with our feet. Learn how to work with your feet to really get them moving so that you take your poses with confidence and feel your best from toe to head!

In the Asana Rx series, each workshop focuses on a specific part of the body. Through yoga postures (asana) you’ll foster a deeper understanding of and connection to your body. These workshops take a gentle approach to discovering ways to work with the natural intelligence of the body to increase and optimize mobility, stability and flexibility while fostering energetic opening and freedom. All levels are welcome including those new to yoga. 

Please let Carrie know if you have any injuries or chronic conditions that may impact your practice.

Cost: $30, save $5 if booked 10 days in advance

Please note there are no refunds if cancelled within 48 hours or for no-shows. Cancellations before 48 hours will receive Elements3 Yoga credit for future purchases.