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Aerial Workshop #3


Led by Steph Jasieniecki & Katharine Scalora

Bring your Aerial Yoga practice to the next level by fine tuning your transitions and flips! We will be going over important details to help you develop your practice, whatever level you are currently at. 

In Aerial Workshop #3, you will learn the details of movements, key techniques for postures that sometimes the body does naturally, but sometimes it doesn’t for various reasons; including strength, fear, and body awareness. You’ll become aware of the details of movements that need to be made in order to get into the poses; and will then be able to consciously practice them in classes.

We will practice key details of grips, tucks, and movements and then experience how those details change your practice through implementing them in poses.

Steph and Katharine will guide the workshop. Here is what you can expect:

  • Warm up stretching
  • Alternating explanation and practice of tips with implementing in poses.
  • Intro to select advanced poses / Refining select advanced poses for intermediate advanced students
  • Introduction and practice of a NEW pose 
  • Relax with a restorative sequence and extended savasana 

Only 11 spots available!

Early bird price $35 (register 10 days in advance)
Regular price $45