the unnata® method of aerial yoga

move beyond flips, tricks + gimmicks

The Unnata® Method offers authentic yoga, and works with gravity to relax and realign the body, center the mind, uplift the spirit.

The CGY team is beyond excited to invite founder of Unnata® Aerial Yoga, Michelle Dortignac to the studio to lead a weekend of workshops. Michelle is a life-long movement artist who founded Unnata® Aerial Yoga in 2006 from the synthesis of her passion for aerial acrobatics, and deep reverence for Yoga.

Unnata® Aerial Yoga offers authentic yoga, with the support of a soft, aerial fabric hammock — to explore, refine, and advance traditional asana, both in the air and on the ground.

Join trailblazer of the aerial yoga movement, Michele Dortignac on November 1st and 2nd for three amazing aerial yoga workshops for all.

Cost per 2 hr Session: $40

CGY Member Pre-Sale Through September 13th
On sale to non-members & general public September 14th

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weekend sessions


The Unnata® Aerial Yoga Difference - Signature Class (WAITLIST ONLY)
Friday, November 1st | 6:30-8:30pm
Discover the original aerial yoga method created by a Yogi, for Yogis. The Unnata® method weaves use of the hammock into a traditional, (floor) Hatha Yoga class to enhance and refine a traditional floor Yoga practice. During this signature class, we will guide you to unwind old physical patterns, and reset to your body’s true alignment, teaching you deeper body awareness in multi-dimensional space. Expand flexibility, increase range of motion, build strength, lengthen the spine, and relax the nervous system. Unnata Yoga classes ground as much as elevate, and balance both earth and air. When you add the hammock to your kit of other Yoga props (belt, blanket, block, etc.), you can work with the downward pull of gravity to uplift the spirit.

Unnata is real Yoga, elevated.

Open to all levels of yoga practitioners, no aerial experience required


Inversions with the Yoga Hammock (WAITLIST ONLY)
Saturday, November 2nd | 2:30-4:30pm

Unsupported inversions take many years to learn. Even somewhat simple inversions such as shoulder stand can be more challenging to practice than on first assumption. One needs to train the body and mind how to get into the inversion, how to find balance once there, how to last in the position, and how to get out of the position safely.

We'll be able to use the aerial hammock as a tool to train your body and mind in these many aspects of inverting, so that you'll know how to confidently practice inversions on your own, and one day you'll be able to do perfect inversions, unsupported!

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Encore Session: Unnata Yoga Low-Hammock Rejuvenation
Saturday, November 2nd | 5:00-7:00pm

Completely supported at all times by the hammock and supplemental props, this low-hammock class will inspire you to forget the outside world and concentrate on your own relaxation and rejuvenation. Michelle Dortignac will guide you through this mostly-restorative, and at times mildly-active class of new inventions mixed with some old favorites, ending with an exploration of our innermost subtle self. We will explore supported versions of reclined positions, supine positions, seated positions, twists, backbends and even standing positions. 

The Unnata method teaches deeper body awareness in multi-dimensional space. And like all forms of Hatha Yoga, Unnata Yoga guides practitioners to notice the subtle movements of breath, energy and mind.

This workshop is appropriate for all experience levels, and mobility levels.



Michelle is a Master of Aerial Yoga who has trained many of the Aerialists and Yogis offering teacher trainings today. Through her continued devotion to the evolution of Unnata Yoga, Michelle has grown the method from a playful way to practice yoga in a spare bedroom in her home (before anyone had even heard of Aerial Yoga!), to a worldwide phenomenon with teachers in over 30 countries. And yet, she remains a dedicated student to the humbling lessons her practice consistently delivers.

In the 20+ years that Michelle has taught Yoga, she has studied with many great Masters, who continue to inform her teaching and personal practice, and the evolution of Unnata Aerial Yoga including the legendary Sri Dharma Mittra, Cyndi Lee and Yogiraj Alan Finger.