Tara Kilgallen


Tara Kilgallen began studying yoga at the age of 16 when introduced to the practice by her dance instructor. She immersed herself not only into the physical practice, but also began studying the philosophy and theological roots that helped her form a strong mind- body connection. After years of self study, asana and meditation practice, Tara was certified as an instructor through the Yoga Institute of Houston, Texas in 2001. At just 20 years old, she began teaching group Vinyasa classes in the Wellesley and Natick area, while continuing her education, receiving certifications in Prenatal Yoga, and as a Rieki Master. In 2004, she ventured to California to begin a business of her own, a private yoga studio in close connection with the family business Tushita Heaven. After much success on the west coast, Tara and her husband returned to the greater- Boston area to focus on their family and other pursuits in 2008. Then, in 2016 Tara trained with a Trapeze artist and certified Aerial Yoga instructor to earn her certification in Aerial Yoga. Today, Tara leads group and private classes throughout Metrowest. Tara's classes reflect her spirit and passion for yoga. She lives in Framingham with her treasured husband, three sons, and two dogs.

Tara’s Schedule