Steph Jasieniecki


Stephanie began practicing and teaching yoga in 2005. Her teaching is based mainly in eastern wellness philosophies of mind and body, particularly Taoism. Definition of Taoism most close to how Steph understands it: Taoism advocates a life of complete simplicity and naturalness and of noninterference with the course of natural events, in order to attain a happy existence in harmony with life itself. 

In 2006 she studied massage therapy. The curriculum included an in-depth study of both western and eastern massage modalities and systems of the body. Through teaching, personal research and study, and too many continuing education courses to count, Steph became particularly fascinated with meditation and the benefits found within it.

Steph prides herself in offering classes that are welcoming, accessible, and nourishing to all walks of life, fitness levels, levels of meditation experience, and spiritual/religious devotees. For those who are seasoned in the practices, to explore their body and mind on new or different levels. For those new to mind and body practices, to first accept and observe the current state of their body and mind; developing their practices from there. Devoting time for being aware of and present with oneself alone can generate a state of peace, wellbeing, and clarity.

Steph’s Schedule: