Pamela Esty


Pam went to her first yoga class as a sophomore at Framingham High that was offered as a class for "girls who weren't great at gym"! The seeds of breath and meditative aspects stuck with her, but she didn't formally practice yoga until her very wise daughter urged her to in 2005. She was hooked and began studying Ashtanga Yoga with Gail Cannon and later Vinyasa with Shawn Shaw. She received her Assistant trainging and 200hr training through Metrowest Yoga , 500hr training with Jacqui Bonwell and her Reiki I certification with Pat Iyer. Her personal practice and teaching changed significantly two years ago when she attended Mark Whitwell's workshops at Elements3.

Pam is a watercolor artist and is interested in the intersection of yogic practices and creativity. "I have benefited from yoga on so many levels. I am dedicated to providing a compassionate and playful space for every-body, every-mind, and every-spirit."

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