Neil Taylor


Neil is an experienced yoga teacher, musician and a life long student of both disciplines. He finds that yoga is an opportunity to connect with what is most important. We all have a physical body, thoughts, emotion and underlying sense of consciousness itself. As we become aware of these different aspects of our human experience, we can become more skillful at navigating the inward path and tuning to that which is most important.  In this way we can organize from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

Neil Taylor has trained extensively with his mentors Dr Tom Alden and Coeli Marsh.  In addition he has studied closely with Theresa Murphy, Masaaki Okumara, Natasha Rizopolous and Senior Buddhist teacher David Nichtern to name a few. 

In his classes Neil emphasizes training our awareness to feel what is, and responding skillfully so we can receive and live in the benefits of our practice.

InstructorsLauren Turner