Mollie Lavender


After fighting a seven year war with chronic pain, Mollie signed up for her first yoga class at elements3 in 2016, and became a witness to her own metamorphosis.

She refers to the practice of yoga as soul medicine because it remedies so much more than just the physical body. The philosophy of yoga combined with the practice of asana is the thread that rekindles the sacred connection between the body mind and spirit.

A former mental health counselor, Mollie now guides others to tap into their truest nature through various methods of energy healing, meditation, pranayama, and yoga.

Mollie received her aerial yoga teacher certification in December of 2017 under the guidance of Stephanie Jasieniecki, and studied with Andrew tanner to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in August 2017.

Mollie is also certified to teach trauma informed brain sensitive (TIBS) yoga through Sarajoy Marsh.

Mollie’s Schedule: