Lisa McPartlin

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Lisa indulged in the practice of yoga after completing her degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2015. She wanted to enhance her yoga practice by becoming a certified 200 hour yoga teacher in 2017. Her particular training has truly allowed Lisa to open up her eyes to the real beauty of life while spreading her compassion and loving kindness to all there is within this world.   

Lisa is committed to teaching her students about the importance of finding the balance of lengthening and strengthening appropriate muscle groups in order to optimize functional movement and ultimately prevent future injury. In combination with pranayama, music and mindful movements, Lisa's style of teaching integrates her physical therapy education with hands on assists and guiding her students through yoga asanas to enhance the mind body connection.

 Lisa hopes to inspire her students to find a connection between the body, mind and breath, while also practicing in a space where they can free themselves from any obstacles in order to comfortably move their bodies through life both on and off the mat, feeling refreshed, nourished and centered

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