Kathryn Curtis


Kathryn Curtis has been sharing and celebrating the healing and yogic arts since 1988 ~ 30 years now. She is trained in many complimentary yoga styles and approaches from the subtle inner yoga flows such as Arhatic Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Tibetan Tantric Yoga, to the blend of the subtle and physically strengthening practice of Vinyasa styles along with wisdom and awareness of the healing arts into a teaching style which is heart opening, poetic, essence celebrating and freeing, peace and joy centering and calming ~ awakening from within which begets our truest strength and gives life support to our core essential "being-ness". Kathryn has had Yoga teacher training with Integrative Yoga Therapy as well as Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher trainings . She has been gratefully influenced by many wonderful instructors and feels a gratitude towards every yoga practitioner.

She is happy to be a certified Instructor of Raja Ashtanga Yoga, Focal Point Yoga (2004). Kathryn began to incorporate Aerial Yoga into her yoga and healing practice many years ago and continues to share Aerial Silks practice with clients for healing. She is also a licensed (NYSLicMTh) massage therapist with 30 years of practice (Zen Shiatsu Bodywork, Swedish Massage and has complete training in Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and Arhatic Yoga, Maitreya School of Healing and is a Reiki Master. She is the founder of Be Bliss Soul Flow Yoga and Healing Bodywork which combines Shiatsu Bodywork, Yoga Therapy, Aerial Yoga, Thai Yoga bodywork and Reiki modalities with facility in sharing healing holograms, intuitive vision and healing energy ~ always unconditional love clearing and awakening awareness for healing from within.

She is the lucky mom of 2 beloved daughters and several little doggies, and many beings who share her yard garden habitat. She enjoys the beauty and gifts of nature and is a passionate animal rights advocate and environmental health advocate for Nature.

Kathryn is a graceful and avid Tango dancer celebrating the magic of human connection, expression and experience through the shared elegant creative sacred grace and embrace that Tango embodies.

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