Barbara Heyd


As a chiropractor, a Thai Yoga Bodyworker, and a BIoEnergetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) practitioner, Barbara has an extensive knowledge of and passion for anatomy, how the body works, and how each individual is unique in shape, function, and form.

Barbara began practicing yoga intermittently two decades ago to address a feeling of disconnection and heartache. Through practicing, she's found that yoga helped her connect back to her Self. After practicing seriously for the past five years, Barbara has learned lessons that she brings to her own life, on and off the mat, and looks to bring to her students. She's learned, over the years that nothing done with force is ever sustainable and the importance of finding the balance between effort and ease, striving to find the sweet spot between trying too hard and not trying hard enough. Barbara seeks to impart this wisdom to her students through a Slow Flow style of yoga, that meets students as they are.

Completing Yoga Teacher Training in August 2017, Barbara is excited to share the gift of yoga to further or enhance healing and reconnection of body, heart, and soul.

InstructorsLauren Turner