Andrew Tanner


A Bit of A Sage; A Bit of Pooh-Bear

Andrew's lighthearted and spirited approach to teaching guides students to explore their depths and uncover profound truths of themselves. A self-described “Pooh Bear”, it's apparent that his teaching and wisdom comes straight from the heart and inspires moments of healing.

Taught from renowned gurus like Dahn Yoga Master Dahn Woo, Sri Dharma Mittra, Andrei Ram and many others, Andrew remains a humble and warm presence and doesn't take himself too seriously.

His experience of over 15 years weaves together the teachings of Tai Chi, Toaist Breathwork, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Western Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Meditation and other healing modalities to offer a truly unique and authentic practice.

Beyond his teaching, Andrew has a panache for the business side of the yoga industry. He has helped open more than 50 yoga studios and in 2012, he co-wrote the book So You Want to Open a Yoga Studio a de facto business plan for hundreds of yoga studios around the world. As a consultant and public speaker he has offered business development and strategy to boutique yoga studios, national fitness chains and fortune 500 companies. Andrew keeps a finger on the pulse of the yoga, wellness, and technology worlds in order to be a steward for the industry and has previously served as an executive Board Member of Yoga Alliance.

Andrew’s Schedule:

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