Myofascia is the combination of muscle and fascia that can be found throughout the body. Fascia is the living seam system that links everything inside you together. While there can be fascia without muscle, there is NEVER muscle without fascia.

Inflammation, fibrosis, and thickening of our fascia can limit our range of motion and cause pain. Injuries, inflammations, and surgeries can restrict fascia and create many health problems. For example, fascial restrictions can put up to 2,000 pounds per square inch (psi) on sensitive internal organs and structures, causing great pain.

This workshop will utilize Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls designed specifically for deep body work, to unlock fascial restrictions with their super-grippy and pliable structure and aide in revitalizing your body’s own self-healing nature.

This workshop, guided by Erica Tharp, E-RYT 200 and Yoga Tune Up® Certified instructor, is a great compliment to any type of physical activity to keep your body functioning as it was intended. Self-care is an invaluable component to a happy life, mind, body and soul. Think of this Myofascial workshop as “self-care opportunity”.

All levels welcome!


$25-$30/ Person



Upcoming Dates

* If less than 4 people sign up for any workshop, within 48hrs. of the date scheduled, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop, and any registrants will be credited appropriately.

Meet the instructor



Erica began her love affair with yoga in 2009 and quickly began her journey of discovery through various certifications and training’s to aide not only her own body, mind and spirit, but also her students. A decade later she’s a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance a Certified Yoga Tune Up teacher and Studio Owner of Common Ground Yoga.

Erica’s style of yoga is a creative, mindful strength building Functional Flow that focuses on connecting breath with movement while also adding a dash of humor. Her second love is Yin yoga which allows students to press the pause button on life and connect with their breath while engaged in mindful passive and active stretching, the perfect compliment to any lifestyle.

For many people, yoga is a path to improved health and wellness. For Erica, yoga has become a way of life. After years running corporate HR departments and emphasizing wellness, she realized it was time to reboot.  Now she get’s to focus on evolving her education and sharing what she’s learned with others.

She began practicing yoga to manage migraines, back and neck pain that she suffered with the majority of her life. However, she found yoga spiritually empowering as well as physically therapeutic. She learned the importance of connecting breath with movement to calm the mind and the importance of making time for yourself.  On this journey she found a new path to health and happiness, and felt a strong calling to share it with others.

Erica Tharp is an E-RYT 200 and Yoga Tune Up® Certified instructor.