Personalized & Focused Attention

One-On-One Yoga

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A yogic tradition...

For thousands of years yoga was taught in a one-on-one transmission from teacher to student. Only in the last 150 years have teachers been leading yoga classes to large groups of people. The variety and type of yoga classes offered today are highly influenced by American exercise culture, music, and spirituality. Conversely each student has a different set of needs and desires when it comes to their yoga practice. Depending on one's health and injury history certain postures or classes may be contraindicated, while others will provide opening and relief from long time pains and stress.


Initial Assessments

Our private sessions begin at $85, but to ensure all our students have a chance to have some1-on-1 time with a qualified instructor and are practicing safely, we offer New Students a 1-hour Initial Assessment for the reduced rate of $50. For Aerial Initial Assessments, jump below.

What to expect

Your instructor will take you through a series of movements to assess flexibility, core strength, balance and deep breathing skills. With this assessment, your instructor can offer specific postural modifications based on your experience and body type as well as recommend certain classes based on your wellness goals.

Private Instruction

For some students, studying one-on-one with a talented instructor is much more fruitful than group classes. If you have a specific wellness goal, such as achieving a new or challenging pose, enjoy practicing with a specific teacher, or are seeking personalized attention in navigating around an injury or limitation, or are distracted by large group settings, private yoga sessions can be extremely fruitful.

Several of our instructors are available for private sessions. Rates vary by instructor. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple sessions. Private sessions begin at $85/hour.

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