Walk into either of our two non-heated studio spaces, and expect to find classes filled with people of all ages, athletic abilities and backgrounds. We believe yoga is for EVERY body and with that philosophy, our studio has become an accessible and inviting space with a rich and diverse community of students who come together to share in the self-care practice of yoga.

The studio offers a variety of classes from Vinyasa based Flow, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal and several Aerial Yoga options. While there are many styles and lineages of yoga that exist, our instructors are encouraged to offer their own take on this ancient practice.

Yoga is not “one size fits all”; we believe students need to move in a way that suits their needs and abilities best and understand yoga as system of movement that is constantly evolving as we learn more about the human body, movement & function. If you are accustomed to practicing rigid styles of yoga, here we ask you leave the dogma at the door.

But that’s the beauty of this place; people of different backgrounds, coming together. Some come to build strength, some to become more flexible,  and others to reduce stress…

We come to practice for a variety of reasons, but in essence, we are all meeting on the mat together to find a sense of wholeness, even if it’s for a few brief minutes in savasana.

So whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting out; can put your foot behind your head or barely touch your toes; are 26 or 62, come and share this practice with us on common ground.


Our Roots


While Common Ground Yoga was established in 2018, the community it hosts has been growing well before then. Originally, the studio opened its doors in 2014  as “Elements3 Yoga”. It’s founder, Andrew Tanner saw the location in Framingham as a growing health and wellness oasis. It was there, current owners, Erica Tharp & Lauren Turner met. As students, teachers, and eventually part of the management team of Elements3, the duo decided to purchase the studio in 2018.

The studio has  long held a special place in the now-owners’ hearts; especially, the community.  It’s in this space, they grew their practice, refined their teaching, and poured their  hearts into managing the studio in order to hold space for the students.

Keepers of the community and caretakers of the studio, Erica’s and Lauren’s primary intent was to continue hold this special, healing space for more people to fall in love with the practice of yoga and join its welcoming community.

While the philosophy remained, the pair decided to change the name of the studio to “Common Ground Yoga” shortly after.

Community is at the heart of what we do, so, inspired by our location across from the Centre Common in Framingham, and a harkening to our philosophy, “Common Ground Yoga” was born.

Our logo depicts the tree of life, a symbol of a fresh start, positive energy, good health and a bright future. A tree grows old, yet it bear seeds that contain its very essence, and it this way the tree becomes immortal.

Common Ground Yoga is rooted in our community as well as the ancient traditions of yoga, while, at the same time, reaches its branches upwards to grow, expand and evolve.

Nearly four  years after opening, the studio has close to 30 weekly classes, has hosted some of the industry's thought leaders including Mark Whitwell, Sarah Joy Marsh, Larissa Carlson Hall & Jacqui Bonwell, has several regularly reoccurring monthly workshops, an amazing yoga teacher training program, and has the premiere Aerial yoga in the area.