Enrichment through yoga

Yoga for kids and teens offer the same many benefits it does for adults. Practicing yoga at a prime developmental age can provide kids with self-care tools that can last a lifetime. Rather than a physical activity focused on competition, yoga fosters cooperation and compassion while encouraging self-esteem and body awareness. This introduction to mindfulness, thoughtful attention to felt-sensation and emotions, and relaxing breathing techniques can become a powerful tool to manage a child’s stress and anxiety. As parents ourselves, we are proud to offer classes and special events for kids from babies to teenagers.


Tuesdays 4:30pm Aerial Yoga for Tweens + Teens 12-16 (through November 19th and December 3-17th)
Thursdays 4:30pm Aerial Yoga for Kids Ages 8-12 (through November 21st and December 5-19th)
Saturdays 1:00pm Aerial Yoga for Kids Ages 8-12 (through November 23rd)


Mondays 4:30pm Sweet Pea Yoga for Kids Ages 6-9 (NEW)
Tuesdays 4:30pm Aerial Yoga for Tweens + Teens 12-16
Thursdays 4:30pm Aerial Yoga for Kids Ages 8-12
Saturdays 1:00pm Aerial Yoga for Kids Ages 8-12

Image courtesy of Sweet Pea Yoga

Image courtesy of Sweet Pea Yoga

Sweet Pea Yoga for Kids

Sweet Pea Yoga with Alexandra DeCollibus is an environment where children can develop and strengthen their yoga practice in a peaceful, creative, and fun-loving class. In addition to enjoying the variety of beneficial yoga postures that build strong bones, improve flexibility and balance, kids will discover how yoga can be integrated into their everyday lives and interactions beyond the mat. Kids will learn tools for developing mindfulness, cultivating compassion, making healthy life and social choices, calming techniques, and kid-friendly meditation exercises. No prior yoga experience is required. Class size is typically limited to 10-12 participants. In addition to offering monthly Baby Yoga events and special sessions for Tykes Ages 2-5 + Little Families Yoga meet ups, Alexandra will be offering weekly sessions for older children. See below.

12 Week Session for Kids Ages 7-11

Mondays 4:30-5:30pm starting January 6th, 2020

Cost: $216 for 12 weeks ($18 per session); No Drop Ins. $25 Fee for early withdrawal; 20% off a siblings’ enrollment
EARLY BIRDS SAVE $24 off If booked by Nov 25th


Aerial YOga for Kids + TEENS

Aerial Yoga is a great way for your child or teen to achieve the mind-body benefits of a traditional yoga practice while cultivating strength, confidence and mindfulness. They will learn the importance of breath and finding ease within their own bodies. They will enjoy stretching, spinning, flipping, and striking all kinds of poses while suspended in an aerial yoga hammock. Each session will end with a tranquil period of rest cocooned inside the hammock.


Aerial Yoga for Tweens + Teens Ages 13-16
Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm January 7th - March 24th with Mollie Lavender
*12 year olds with previous aerial experience can enroll. Class meets February break

Aerial Yoga for Kids Ages 8-12
Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm January 9th - March 26th with Sheryl Kelley
Saturdays 1:00-2:00pm January 11th - March 28th with Mollie Lavender
*Class meets February break

Enrollment Options:

New Student First Class: $10 (for kids/teens who have never taken an aerial class here before. If student enrolls in remainder of sessions, $10 can be applied towards enrollment)
Full 12 Week Course: $216 ($18/session) / may be broken into 3 payments of $72 (first payment upon enrollment, following payment auto-billed Feb 1st + March 1st) Tuition can be prorated if students starts after Week 1.
Single Drop-In: $25 (if space is available)

Classes begin promptly. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so the instructor can adjust the aerial hammocks as needed to fit your childs’ height to ensure their safety. We also ask you are mindful of pick-up time. We do not offer make-up sessions for missed classes.