Our Community of PEACE Warriors

Standing in any variety of Virabhadrasana, sanskrit for Warrior Pose, can evoke feeling of strength, power, and courage. But the Warrior posture isn't about preparing for battle; the yoga Warrior also embodies the qualities of virtue and grace. In practicing the quality of Ahisma, or non-violence, the yoga warrior uses the weapons of consciousness, wisdom and speech to clear away the obstacles towards peace.

Each year, our amazing students have come together as a community to help support a variety of charitable causes.


Yoga Reaches Out

2019 will be the 3rd year our studio has gathered its community in support of the annual Yoga Reaches Out yoga-thon. Our goal is to raise $7500 to benefit the Wellness Program at Boston Children Hospital. Click here to join our team!


UNIted global dog project

Our most recent in studio fundraiser benefitted the United Global Dog Project. The organizations focus is in supporting a team of volunteers that are working in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico to rescue dogs, feed strays, provide medication, provide temporary foster care and work with other organizations in the states to get them homes.