Students should feel welcome in any of our classes, regardless of experience. While we have some classes more suitable for those just starting yoga, we welcome beginners to any of our classes. We like to take an all-levels approach to classes and instructors are well trained in the ability to offer modifications to make the practice more accessible or to suggest ways to challenge yourself.

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In this loving-kindness yoga practice you’ll enjoy a chatturanga-free (yoga push-up) and soulful asana designed to build stability in ones body and cultivate compassion within one's self. True to the intention of Ahimsa, ample restful poses are offered towards the end of class. As an invitation to move more inward and explore the depths of the yoga practice, breath-work, mantra and call & response chanting are woven into the class. (75 mins)
Recommended For: Beginners and All-Levels

Flow Yoga

In the tradition of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow is a practice that emphasizes linking movement with breath to still the mind. Flow integrates strength and grace to bring feelings of liberation and bliss. Class opens with a short meditation to focus the mind, followed by a flow sequence to strengthen and relieve tension in the body. Basic postures, taught with safe alignment cues, will make up the flow in this class, with advanced variations being offered for our more seasoned yogis. Class will close with a savasana, deep relaxation of the body and mind. (75 mins)
Recommended For: All levels of experience, but beginners are recommended to take an Initial Assessment or Slow Flow class prior to their first Flow to familiarize themselves with some of the movements.

Flow & Restore

Flow & Restore brings together the warming yang practice of Vinyasa with the slower, softer yin poses of a restorative practice. The practice begins with movement flowing on breath, to circulate energy throughout the body. The second half of the class will focus on sweet, relaxing stretches to lengthen muscles, release fascia & connective tissue allowing ligaments and tendons to release; helping you to access the deepest layers of the body. This Friday evening class is a wonderful book-end to the week. You will be sure to leave feeling calm, peaceful and balanced after this healing practice. (90 mins)
Recommended For:  All levels of experience


Our understanding of the human body is ever-evolving. In Functional Flow, we apply the latest research and science as it relates to anatomy and movement and apply it to this ancient practice. Class sequences are designed to strengthen at end range of motion for stability and mobility while experiencing the postures in new ways to keep our bodies healthy, strong and vibrant. As with a traditional Flow, this class brings together breath and movement, but calls on students to investigate the integrity of their yoga postures though exploring alignment, actively engaging key muscles and tapping into body awareness in an effort to discover possible body blind spots. As Diane Bruni says "The shapes of the poses may changes, but the yoga we love lives within". (75 mins)
Recommended For: All levels, but some prior yoga experience recommended. Prepare to build heat and strength.


When we find connection to the earth, we connect to something much, much bigger than ourselves. The practice of grounding helps us to find stability in posture, steadiness in breath and ease of mind. This slow flow & restore class begins with calming breathwork and floor based stretches to begin to open up your hips & legs; and progresses to a slow and steady exploration of strengthening & energizing standing poses. Supportive & restoring postures back on the ground round out the practice before savasana. (75 mins)
Recommended For: All-Levels, great for beginners


Rebuild and revitalize in this slow moving, deeply meditative practice. Class will open with seated, and reclining yoga postures to nurture body and mind through the advantage of longer holds. Balancing within the triad of functional movement re-patterning, stabilization, and embedded meditation, the purpose of restorative yoga is to realign the framework of the body, and safely build muscular engagement through the use of props and specific alignment cues. Class ends with a 10 minute savasana and guided meditation. Allow your self the space and time to reestablish vitality and full body harmony. (75 mins)
Recommended For: All-Levels,  no prior yoga experience required

Slow Gentle Flow

In this harmonious flow, poses are guided in a slow mindful manner giving new students time to connect to the postures.  Emphasis is placed on taking full mindful inhales and exhales as your move through class. Moving in this slow and deliberate manner, students are asked to connect with their felt sense of being and observe closely the thoughts, emotions and sensations that arise during practice. Class ends with a restful and restorative savasana. (75 mins)
Recommended For: Beginners, All-Levels

Taoist Yoga

Taoist Yoga is a unique blend of Taoist breathing techniques, QiGong movements and simple stretching to awaken your body's energy pathways, open up the joints, and center one's mind. Taoist Yoga is a low impact practice fit for all levels of experience, beginners welcome. This class emphasizes heightened awareness of one's own internal energy and facilitates health, happiness, and inner peace. (75 mins)
Recommended For: All levels experience, beginners, practicing with limitations


Yin is the feminine, dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cool, introspective aspects of life. Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body (nadis) to release blockages and increase your energy flow. The primary differences between Yin Yoga and many other forms of yoga is that you are encouraged to NOT use your muscles and passive poses are held for several minutes allowing the body to move beyond the initial 30 seconds it takes the muscle to relax and stretching to occur. Static stretching is excellent to increase range of motion. Yin Yoga coupled with guided meditation is effective for reducing stress in the body and mind. (75 mins)
Recommended For: All levels experience, athletic recovery, beginners, practicing with limitations


Yin Stretch & Recharge is an updated take on the traditional Yin Yoga where you are instructed to hole passive poses for several minutes. With Yin Stretch you are guided through a series of poses where active and passive stretches are explored. Active stretching encourages the muscles to be engaged providing a deep productive stretch within the muscle and fascia rather than pulling the ligaments and tendon at the attachment points. Poses are held longer as the class progresses allowing the body to move a bit more at the beginning of class when the body is cold. This type of bodywork combined with pranayama and meditation allow for a total mind body recharge.  (75 mins)
Recommended For: All levels experience, athletic recovery, beginners, practicing with limitations

Aerial Yoga Classes


Aerial Yoga elevates your yoga practice with the support of the aerial silk hammock. In this unique style of yoga that blends traditional mat yoga with aerial, you’ll explore some familiar shapes and postures in new planes. Balancing poses become more stable, backbends more supported and inversions become almost effortless with the aerial hammock acting as your own personal assistant. Plus, you may just have one of the most blissful savasanas, floating in the silk. Remember to bring your yoga mat! In Level 1 you will practice more of the foundational poses to elevate your practice.
Recommended For: New to Aerial Yoga. If possible, taking Lift Off: Aerial Yoga Fundamentals, Aerial Stretch + Breathe or Aerial Slow Flow first.


For students who like getting upside down! One of the unique benefits of Aerial Yoga is the opportunity to use the yoga hammock to find traction and lengthening of the spine in supported inversions. This offering focuses on spinal mobility and core stability to promote spinal health. These sessions integrate floor work using the aerial hammock along with supported inversions. Prior aerial experience not required but should have interested/comfortable with getting upside down. (60 mins)
Recommended For: Students interested in aerial and comfortable with going upside down. Should have enough upper body strength to do a modified push up.


Experience the familiarity of purposeful, breathe-guided movements, attention to alignment & engagement, and focusing of mind. The aerial hammock is used as a prop to support standing and balancing poses, develop core strength, and to relax into backbends with much more ease. This slower-paced class is ideal for yoga practitioners who are looking to supplement their mat practice through exploration of sometimes challenging poses like dancer and inversions with the aid of a fun prop as well as for students who want to begin to become more comfortable in the aerial silk and build strength for other aerial classes. Remember to bring your mat!
Recommended For: New to aerial but would prefer to stay in contact with the ground and aerial yoga students who want to build strength required for more intermediate poses.


This is our gentle and therapeutic version of aerial yoga. This is an aerial yoga experience designed for beginners and for those who are looking to incorporate breath work, gentle movement, and mind and body awareness all while allowing the body to completely soften in the aerial hammock. The session blends poses both on the floor and elevated in the aerial silk.
Recommended For: Those looking for a more mellow aerial experience and beginners


Like classical restorative yoga, this class balances the elements of a slow-paced flow, breath work, and guided meditation. The extra support of a silk hammock can allow the body to completely soften and surrender. However, introducing the aerial yoga hammock can provide additional support to allow the body to release tension and enhance stretches. This is a time for you to luxuriate in the practice of slowing down, resting in restorative postures a bit longer, and quieting your mind. Students will finish their practice with a serene levitated savasana.
Recommended For: Comfortable with being off the ground, but wants a mellow aerial yoga experience


Take your Aerial Yoga practice to new heights. In All Levels, more intermediate poses and transitions will be introduced. After a centering warm up, you’ll move through poses that will build upper body & core strength. Intermediate poses will be introduced step-by-step with modifications and progressions to challenge Aerial Yoga students at any level. You’ll cool down with some restorative stretches and perhaps one of the most blissful savasanas floating in the silk. Keep in mind, there is much more “air-time” in this class. We recommend attending All Levels once you’ve attended at least one other Aerial Yoga class.
Recommended For: Those who have already taken Aerial Yoga classes, feel comfortable getting in and out of the hammock and inverting and ready to play with more intermediate poses whether youve taken 10 or 100 classes!