Journey Through the Chakras

6 session Course | April 6th - MAy 11th


Ready to learn more about the energetic centers of the body known as the chakras? In this 6 session course, instructor Carrie Ganz will take students through an educational, hands-on and immersive journey through seven of the chakras.

Throughout the course, participants will gain an understanding of the chakra system as a whole and the role it plays in personal development, spiritual awakening and healing and well-being.

Each 2.25 hour session takes a deep dive into each individual chakra; its purpose, its location in the body, its qualities when in balanced, its symptoms when imbalanced and much more.

The learning is integrated through a blend of breath work, asana yoga practice, meditation, intention setting, self-study (svadyaya) and a dash of fun (like a special sound bath for the 6th chakra)! Each class will begin with an educational discussion on the specific chakra, followed by a 50 minute chakra-specific asana practice, and will be concluded with a fun, chakra-focused activity and "homework" for practice during time between sessions.

This workshop is suitable for all-levels of practice.
Eligible for 13.5 hours of CE with Yoga Alliance.

Meets Saturdays 3pm-5:15pm April 6th - May 11th

EarLy Bird: $150 (if booked by March 3rd)

Reg: $175
members save 10% off reg. price

Drop-in enrollment for individual sessions will open March 4th and be priced at $35 per session ($40 for Throat Chakra with Sound Bath). CE Credits are only given to those who complete full course.

If you enroll in the course, but miss a session, handouts for all chakras will be provided.



April 6th - Settle The Seat of Your Soul: Root Chakra

April 13th - Tell Yourself A New Story: Sacral Chakra

April 20th - To The Core: Solar Plexus

April 27th - The Heart of The Matter : Heart Chakra

May 4th - Speak Your Truth : Throat Chakra

May 11th - Seeing Clearly : Third Eye & Crowning Glory: Crown Chakra

Meet the instructor

Carrie Ganz

After a long dance in and out of yoga practice I began to study more seriously about 15 years ago. I practiced for many years and taught yoga at studios in the Washington, DC area. My focus is on alignment based yoga with an emphasis on freeing body, mind and spirit through the the deep reconnection to a more life enhancing and life sustaining way of moving and being in the world. Our bodies and minds have long formed habits and the more we become aware of our habits the better we can reshape our posture and utilize our breath. Through our work with poses, breathing and meditation we can rediscover the body's own powerfully healing wisdom.This path through our bodies takes us right to our heart deepening our awareness and awakening our spirit. Our yoga is a path toward feeling more at home in the great gift of our body.

I've been teaching yoga since 2006 and teach classes that create an atmosphere of exploration, of trust in ourselves, increasing awareness and respect yoga practitioners at every level.