Notice: Pricing Changes Effective Oct 2, 2017

Effective as of October 2nd, 2017, Elements3 Yoga is excited to announce the following pricing changes:


We now offer Unlimited Monthly Yoga for standard classes at a rate of $99/month with a 3 month minimum commitment. This offering replaces our contracts priced at $108/ month for a 12 month commitment and $119/mo for a 3 month commitment. Aerial classes are not included

Finally! A membership option for unlimited access to all our yoga classes, including aerial yoga! Pricing of $119/month requires a 3 month minimum commitment. Aerial Late Cancels and No-Shows are subject to $5 charge.


  • Unlimited yoga* at the best class rates (aerial classes only included in All-Access Membership)

  • 10% off retail purchases

  • Special discounts on select workshops & events when your membership is active

  • Auto-billed memberships can be put on hold**

Terms & Conditions: Requires 3 month minimum commitment, and auto-renews after that monthly. Must have membership for three months before you can place on vacation hold, with a minimum of a one month hold. For All Access Monthly Membership holders, a $5 charge will be applied to any Aerial Class that is late cancelled or no show.

A new Intro offer for New Clients

Please take note if you tell your friends & family about our studio that starting Oct 1st we are replacing the $50 1 Month Unlimited Yoga for New Clients to 3 Weeks for $33. The pass is for our standard yoga classes, but still includes a complimentary pass to Aerial Yoga Basics.

Other Changes

We will no longer offer the following pricing options:

  • 1 Month Unlimited $150

  • 25 Packs for Standard $325 or Aerial Yoga $375

  • 1 Year of Yoga

  • 1 Month Unlimited Yoga for New Students $50

  • Aerial Basics Drop In $15

What current 3 month and 12 month contract Members Need to Know:

Choose to change your current membership to Unlimited Monthly Yoga at $99/mo or All-Access MonthlyYoga at $119/month

Send an email request to make a Membership adjustment, specifying the option you'd like, for your October bill. Request must be made before your next bill.

By changing your membership option to one of these new packages with added member benefits, you will be entering into a new 3 month commitment.

Your current pricing contract will not change until we hear from you. We will do our best to follow up with each of you so you have access to the best pricing options.

Please allow a few days for us to make these changes.

Students with Active Class Packs:

Convert your class packs to membership

If you have active class passes remaining on your account and want to enroll in membership to take advantage of discounted workshops and better rates, we can apply your current passes as credit towards monthly membership. For instance, if you have 2 drop ins from a 10-pack valued at $16 each. You can apply a $32 credit towards your first month of Unlimited Yoga to replace you class pass. You first statement would be for $67, and subsequent months as $99. The offer to exchange class packs for membership expires October 31st, 2017. The date your request is processed will be the start of your 3 month contract.

Lauren Turner