What is Functional Flow?

If you've explored the different teachers that instruct our Flow classes, you've probably noticed that each have their own unique style and approach to the yoga asana practice. If you regularly attend Erica Tharp's classes, you may have also noticed that her class has evolved over the course of the last few months. 

A few weeks ago, I took one of Erica's classes and noticed there was even more attention made to alignment & muscle engagement to support the poses. There was a call to engage parts of my core, back muscles and legs that I often forget about. While there were challenging aspects to the class, I felt strong afterward. Prior to class I was experience quite a bit of hip and back pain (as a result of being 7 months pregnant at the time), but following class the pain had subsided, and I felt more supported in my body, as a result of the strengthening cues offered by Erica.

Yoga has always been more about the physical appearance of the pose - its about the internal experience; how we engage, what we observe, and how we integrate all that information. In changing Erica's class name to "Functional Flow" we seek to set clearer expectations of what type of class students will be walking into.

So what do we mean by Functional Flow? See our description below:

Our understanding of the human body is ever-evolving. In Functional Flow, we apply the latest research and science as it relates to anatomy and movement and apply it to this ancient practice. Class sequences are designed to strengthen at end range of motion for stability and mobility while experiencing the postures in new ways to keep our bodies healthy, strong and vibrant. As with a traditional Flow, this class brings together breath and movement, but calls on students to investigate the integrity of their yoga postures though exploring alignment, actively engaging key muscles and tapping into body awareness in an effort to discover possible body blind spots. As Diane Bruni says "The shapes of the poses may changes, but the yoga we love lives within".

- In Yoga, Lauren Turner

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