How to choose a class

New to yoga

We consider all of our mat yoga classes "All-Levels", meaning no matter what your experience level is, you are welcome at attend and try any class. We recommend informing your instructor if you are "new" or just getting back to your practice so they can suggest helpful modifications.

That said, there are several types of classes we normally suggest for students newer (or just getting back to yoga) such as Slow Flow or Embodied Mindful Yoga.

Something Joint Friendly

Bad knees? Recovering from an injury? Or just would rather skip long or repetitive "downward facing dogs"? Try our Toaist, Embodied Mindful Yoga or Restorative Yoga classes.

Something Energizing

Flow yoga is a style of yoga based on "Vinyasa" where movement is paired with breath as you dynamically move through a series of yoga poses. All of our Flow classes have similarities, but each instructor brings their own unique perspective and wisdom to class. We encourage you to try multiple Flow teachers to discover the right class for yourself.

Something Mellow

Whether you are looking to round out a more active yoga practice or seeking something more nourishing, a restorative based class can provide many benefits. For those looking for slower and more gentle opening, we recommend Restorative Yoga; for deeper stretching with longer holds we suggest our popular Yin Yoga class.

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