Reflections | Erica Ficcardi on Teacher TrainIng


In our “Reflections” series, we ask past graduates to share their yoga teacher training experience in their own words.

The following was submitted by Erica Ficcardi, class of 2017

My experience in YTT was nothing but wonderful. I certainly didn’t know if I wanted to teach, but I did know I wanted to deepen my practice. 

I wanted to learn.

I wanted to grow. 

I got what I wanted and more. I made connections that were priceless. It is a beautiful thing when a group of people can connect on so many levels, learning from each other on and off the mat. It’s a personal journey while at the same time a community journey. I was grateful to learn from an amazing and knowledgeable crew of yogis and it was a joy to continue to practice with some of them beyond YTT. 

In YTT, you learn that yoga is so deep that we can study it forever and still have more to learn. 

It’s a jumping off point for anyone who wants to commit themselves to a practice that serves ourselves and those around us...

In YTT I celebrated my appreciation of yoga and my practice. 

There are so many elements to YTT and it’s something you must explore. You’ll leave wanting to learn more only because a yogic education never ends, but YTT is a wonderful start! 

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