Hands-On Assists In Class

Some of our teachers offer hand-on assists in class. The intention of a hand-on assist is to help guide a student energetically into a pose; you should never feel as if you are being pushed or shoved into a pose.

We'd like to take a moment to remind you that you are always welcome to refuse hands-on assists. As instructors, we do our best to ask, in class, who is comfortable with these assists.

Its important that if you prefer not to receive a hands-on assist, or receive an assist that doesn’t feel good please let your instructor know so they can respect your personal practice.

We are offering a new tool at the studio so you have another way of informing your instructor you'd prefer not to have an assist. Kept with all our other props you will find consent cards that read "Ahimsa Now: No Assist". Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word for "non-harm" and the first of the Yamas,  the ethical precepts of yoga. Above all we commit to acting in a way that is compassionate and not harmful to others. That includes respecting personal boundaries of our students. If you lay one of these cards by your mat, your teacher will know you would prefer not to receive any hands on assists.