Pricing Policy Updates: April 2018

The team at Elements3 Yoga would like to announce the following pricing policy updates effective immediately:

Up until today, class packs were non-transferable among clients. We are pleased to now offer the option for clients to share 10-Class Pack options with in their children or legal guardians under the age of 16. Each family member will need their own account in our system and you'll have to inform our staff that you plan to share your price pack so we can update accordingly in our system.

The person sharing (purchaser) his/her class package must make the sharing request directly with E3 (in person at the stdio, or via email with at least 24 hours notice of their visit). Someone with Student/Senior/Military discount passes can only share their passes with someone who is also in one of those discounted categories (Student/Senior/Military)

Intro offers, memberships, and workshop/event bundles will not be able to be shared.

Having a diverse body of students makes Elements3 Yoga truly special. We want to make sure we are creating opportunities to make classes more accessible. Effective today we will begin to offer discounted price packs for college students, military and seniors over 65+. This pricing will only be able to be purchased in our studio with valid ID (current student ID, military ID, or drivers license).
10% Discount on 10-Class Packs, Drop-Ins and Monthly Memberships

We've long had a very generous policy that our standard class packs would never expire. Since we've eliminated our 25 pack pricing options, we have reevaluated this policy. Since most students use their 10-Class Packs over the course of a few months, we've decided to add a 1 year expiration date to all 10 Class Pack purchases. The 1 year expiration begins from the date of purchase. Single Drop-Ins will expire after 30 days.

All previously purchased 25 packs and 10 packs will retain the original "no expiration". If you check your account, you may notice an expiration date with these packages because the system has asked us to put in an arbitrary end date. Regular priced 25 and 10 packs that were purchased before March 27th, 2018 that mistakenly "expire" in your account can be reactivated. This is rare, but if it does happen, please contact us to fix your account.