Advice for Beginners

More and more people are starting to practice yoga. According to a Yoga Alliance survey34 percent of Americans say they are somewhat or very likely to practice yoga in the next 12 months. There are 36.7 million U.S. yoga practitioners, up from 20.4 million in 2012. There are more and more new students coming into or considering coming into yoga studios. 

When I meet students who are brand new to practicing, they often share the same questions and concerns about getting started. Here is some advice if you are one of these people considering yoga but need some more encouragement.

Come as you are

Countless times, upon meeting a new steudent in my class for the first time, they tell me, "I've heard yoga is good for me, but I'm not flexible". Perhaps the biggest myth about yoga, or, at least a very common misperception about yoga, is that flexibility is a prerequisite. Untrue. For many, increased flexibility is a welcomed side-effect, but frankly, being super flexible isn't even necessarily the goal.

At some point, every other student in the class with you was a beginner (and based on Yoga Alliance's stats, many may still be). New students sometimes worry they don't know enough to come try a class. Everyone has to start somewhere. It may take a few classes to get familiar with things. Its okay! Take it slow, do what you can. If you have to modify or even skip a few poses along the way, feel welcome to. Overtime you will feel more confident.

 Each student is on a different part of the yoga path. Don't worry if you aren't quiet sure what you are doing in the beginning... keep showing up. Soon things will start to flow.

Try many classes and teachers

There is a yoga class for any and everyone who wants to practice yoga. As you start your yoga journey you may begin to notice there are many types of yoga, but a variety in the approach different teachers take. If you are a New Student using the 1 Month Unlimited Introductory Special, I'd encourage you to take a wide variety of classes to familiarize yourself with what the studio has to offer.

You may come to find a teacher or class that resonates with you well. That's great! Keep going to the classes that make you feel great. But after some time, don't be afraid to come back to and try some of the other classes you may not have been keen on in the beginning. 

Meet an instructor 1-on-1

It is especially helpful when you first begin yoga, to get some individualized attention. If class seems to move too quickly and you still have trouble grasping some of the basics, a private yoga session can help you develop the confidence to continue practicing in larger group settings. One-on-ones also give you time to discuss, in more detail, and injuries or limitations you have, and learn ways to modify along the way. Private yoga sessions typically begin at $85, but our studio offers new students a special Initial Assessment for just $50. We find that students that take an Initial Assessment feel more empowered in subsequent classes.

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