Asana Rx

Monthly Workshop


In the Asana Rx series, our posture guru, Carrie Ganz focuses on a specific part of the body. Through yoga postures (asana) you’ll foster a deeper understanding of and connection to your body. These workshops take a gentle approach to discovering ways to work with the natural intelligence of the body to increase and optimize mobility, stability and flexibility while fostering energetic opening and freedom.

This workshop is suitable for all-levels of practice.

$30/ Person


Upcoming Dates

* If less than 4 people sign up for any workshop, within 48hrs. of the date scheduled, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop, and any registrants will be credited appropriately.

Carrie’s knowledge of the human body is vast and the skillful way she uses that to help students come into a better understanding of their own body is astounding. For as many years as I’ve practiced yoga, I find new ways to be inspired by her thoughtful alignment cues.
— Lauren T

Meet the instructor

Carrie Ganz

Carrie Ganz is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Educational Provider through Yoga Alliance and a Doula.

With thousands of teaching and training hours accumulated over the past decade, Carrie is considered the studio's alignment "guru". Her approach to asana is thoughtful and continuously integrates new information of how we understand the body. Her classes masterfully weave in yoga philosophy and offer a deep and heartfelt experience.

After a long dance in and out of yoga practice Carrie began to study more seriously about 15 years ago. She practiced for many years and taught yoga at studios in the Washington, DC area. Her focus is on alignment based yoga with an emphasis on freeing body, mind and spirit through the deep reconnection to a more life enhancing and life sustaining way of moving and being in the world. Our bodies and minds have long formed habits and the more we become aware of our habits the better we can reshape our posture and utilize our breath. Through our work with poses, breathing and meditation we can rediscover the body's own powerfully healing wisdom.This path through our bodies takes us right to our heart deepening our awareness and awakening our spirit. Our yoga is a path toward feeling more at home in the great gift of our body.

Carrie’s been teaching yoga since 2006 and teach classes that create an atmosphere of exploration, of trust in ourselves, increasing awareness and respect yoga practitioners at every level